Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dress yourself thin!

I can hear my mom in the back of me head right now saying " if you have nothing nice to say.." So I have decided to forgo the critique of the Emmy gowns because quite frankly I am so disappointed at the majority of choices that I feel it would be a straight up rant about the ill-fitting dresses, garish patterns and the general feeling that celebrities just gave up.

What is more important here is that clearly even celebrities need a refresher on how to dress for your body type. Or as I like to call it Dress yourself Skinny!!! in 5 easy steps.

Step One: Find a better Bra

Did you know that 85% of women in America are wearing the wrong bra size?
When I was fitting women for bras they would come to me for help but were often afraid of what their true size is. One woman in Particular was wearing a 34C, has been for years. She needed a new bra because she said she felt she was "spilling out" of this one. I measured her at a 36DD, She was shocked.
Women are so afraid of numbers that having to go up in bra size means they are fat. Absolutely NOT TRUE!

When you wear the wrong bra especially one that is too small it can actually push fat to areas where you don't want it, Example: Muffin top. You can actually create a muffin top because your bra pushes fatty tissue that could otherwise be evenly distributed in your torso downward. Not to mention wearing a bra that is too small creates bulging and no one wants that.  So ladies go get properly fitted and it will change your life I swear.

Step Two: Buy Underwear that fits

Same concept as the Bra, wearing underwear that is too small can create bulges in unwanted ares. Also wearing underwear that is too big can lead to creeping panties, you will be pulling those suckers out of your ass all day. Not cute.
Stay away from String Bikini panties if you have any meat on your hips, that will create lines making you resemble a packed sausage. And for God sakes never wear them underneath a jersey knit dress. Try a seamless panty that is more true to your size and you wont even know its there, bonus neither will anyone else.

Step Three: Invest in a great pair of jeans

Jeans will never go out of style so why waste life buying jeans that don't fit right? Again ladies stop buying things that are too small. Jeans especially, Jeans that are too tight will also create muffin top and camel toe. Levi's carries jeans that will accommodate every shape and style. It's worth it to research what you want in a jean, such as Slim Straight, Curvy Bootcut, or Mid-rise. The right pair of jeans should lift the butt, hit you in the right spot on the hips and not drag the ground. Finding jeans that fit you will compliment your best features and inspire confidence.

Step Four: Make Stripes work for you

See how the bolder stripes minimize and the smaller ones elongate?
Yes stripes can work for you. Well placed stripes can minimize what you don't like and enhance what you do like, Big and small striped garments can create an optical illusion and focus the eyes where you want them to go.  Don't be afraid of stripes, they are classic and bold and can be your friend.

Step Five: Find a good shift dress

Or as I like to call it the magic dress. My favorite thing about the shift dress is the way it always makes my legs look good. A shift dress is a classic silhouette of a straight up and down, Mid-thigh hitting dress. It is so easy to throw on and go, great for spring or fall with tights and tall boots. I have dressed women of all shapes and sizes in shift dresses and they are the most flattering dress for any event.

My most important piece of advice is don't be afraid to dress for your size. I have been guilty of wearing clothes two sizes too small because I thought it made me look skinnier. Dressing for your size will make you look thinner because you won't be busting out of your top or bulging out of your pants. Personalize your wardrobe, make it your own and confidence will follow.

I leave you with a word from Nina Garcia herself.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Emmy Chic!!!

Coming Tomorrow.....
Best and worst in Emmy Fashions. I can already tell you that floral nightmare is tragic.

Saved by the Chanel

Its good to be back, I had abandoned by blog for almost a year because I just lost inspiration. I lost myself, I became super busy in my job and working in merchandising for a major retailer was actually becoming no fun. I found myself losing my passion for fashion while working in fashion.
Almost makes no sense but sometimes when you submerge yourself in something and you don't have any creative freedom it can put you in a funk.

Recently though I stumbled upon the deal of the decade. I was thrift store shopping and I fell upon the holy grail.... Yes I'm talking about a piece of Chanel. I'm talking about the coveted black jacket. I could have died.

It really was the deal of the decade because almost ten years ago I was in a catholic thrift store and in a bin of bags I saw a gold-chained strap sticking out, I thought how great it would be if it was a real Chanel and so I yanked it from the rubbish and there it was in all its glory. It was a beautiful giant lamb-leather Chanel bag. I rushed it up to the counter, cash in hand ready to give the nun behind the counter whatever cash I had and promise of my first born if she let me leave with this bag. She was ringing me out and paused, "oh dear this bag has a scuff." "Half price."
I am not sure if I was cheating God or if it was his gift but I made it out of there with my most prized possession for half off thrift store price.

Finding this piece of fashion holy-ness recently made me realize that its not the material label or price tag that draws me to it. Its owning a piece of fashion history.  Owning pieces that the greatest designer in the history of designers laid out the blue prints for like she was Da Vinci and this was the Sistine chapel. I realized that I worshiped how perfectly it compliments a dress or dresses up a pair of jeans. I see how she created an image of a powerful independent woman with simple and impeccable taste. I've realized that I don't just have an unhealthy addiction to shopping I have a great appreciation for wearable art.

Point is, Im glad I found my mojo. Who knew that an impeccably tailored jacket would restore it. Im glad I am back to sharing my thoughts and ideas because that is what I love. Thank you Coco for showing me the way, after all I don't do Fashion, I am Fashion- Coco Chanel.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Ugghhh so sorry my loyal fashionistas I've been sick lately, haven't been able to contribute. But I will be back soon!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane sandy

I hope that everyone made it through the storm alright. It was a big one. Thank you to our men and women who bravely do their duty as first responders.  New entry to come tomorrow!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Perfectly Posh Pippa

Today I am in the All Star spirit due to my favorite show, Project Runway beginning tonight with their All Star Cast from seasons past.

I am giving my All Star fashion shout out to one of my style icons, She may not be a princess but she is still faboo... Pippa Middleton.

This lady just has such impeccable taste, regal yet fun, bold and pretty. The thing I love most about her is that her style is approchable, she has some great peices she will wear multiple times and she shops at places like Top shop, H&M and Banana Republic but can transform into a vision in Temperley London . She just gives me the greatest ideas, so lets look at some of my favorites.

I absolutely adore her french lady inspired striped top and simple pant, perfectly accessorized with her emerald bag. This is such a put together piece.

This dress is bold and a great way to show off lace detail without looking bridal or like grandma. Don't be afraid to go bold no matter what your skin tone. It will make tan skin look tanner and pale look fresher.

Some people ask me about mixing black and brown, can it be done? Should it be done? Absolutely. Both colors stand well on their own but when paired together it looks a bit mysterious and unexpected. Also if you are afraid to mix prints try a printed stocking first. Its an easy, fun, sexy way to mix up your favorite dress. 

Pippa has her staples and this black blazer is her goto, paired with a bold dress you can be fun and tailored. Also invest in black tights they are great for those winter months when lets face it ladies, we don't shave as often.

Lastly I love her use of Printed scarves, every woman needs a handful of these because they add such character to something you already have.

I adore this lady and her style, she is so fresh and my style soul sister. Here are a few great Pippa staples for you to try out, Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Project Runway All stars!

Its that time of year again, time to break out the all stars! I love this show for the ideas, great design and to see people who are really passionate about fashion, but mostly because my mom and I watch it together. Check it out on Lifetime TV. Enjoy!